Amplifying Our Voices

The Role of Artists and Cultural Organizations in Civic Engagement

Organized by Claudine Brown, program director, Arts and Culture, Nathan Cummings Foundation; and Helen Brunner, program consultant, Albert A. List Foundation; presented by Caron Atlas, consultant, National Voice; Rha Goddess, 1+1+1=ONE; and Mark Ritchie, national coordinator, National Voice.

Artists and cultural organizations sometimes serve communities by providing forums to explore the community's concerns, often stimulating discussion about issues and action for change. The 2004 election served as a catalyst for organizing in many communities that are often disenfranchised and alienated from the voting process. These communities include youth, people of color, former prison inmates, immigrants, temporary workers, and individuals with low incomes. Some artists and cultural organizations across the country actively participated in this organizing effort, encouraging participation in the election and building relationships for coalition work and stronger communities in the future. This session explored such initiatives.


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