Alliance for Justice

Lobby Government Officials, Advocate for Legislation, and You Know What Will Happen? Better Public Policy

Alliance for Justice
Review by Cara Seitchek

2003, 2 pages. Alliance for Justice, 11 Dupont Circle, NW, second floor, Washington, DC 20036, (886) 675-6229 or (202) 822-6070, fax: (202) 822-6068,,

A handy supplement to Speak Up is a pamphlet produced by the Alliance for Justice. The cover poses the question: Lobby government officials, advocate for legislation, and you know what will happen? The answer is eye-catching: better public policy.

In just two short pages, this pamphlet addresses the most important points of Speak Up. That is, lobbying activities and advocating for your cause is okay and it's legal.

The pamphlet describes three examples of successful lobbying campaigns by nonprofit organizations — campaigns that resulted in significant laws being passed, preservation of crucial funding, and city ordinances being changed.

Also outlined are the IRS guidelines on nonprofit lobbying and the services that the Alliance for Justice provides in helping nonprofits help themselves. With services ranging from free workshops to publications and from legal advice to one-on-one counseling, the Alliance for Justice offers a sound support service to non-profits.

Written as a tool for organizations to show their board members that advocacy is a good thing, Lobby Government Officials... is a positive tool for any member of the nonprofit community, arts organizations included.