An Age of Distributed Culture

Session designers and presenters: Joan Shigekawa, Rockefeller Foundation with Ann Doyle, Internet2; Steve Dietz, New Media Curator; JC Herz, technology writer; Michael Wellings, ResearchChannel; and Kathleen McMonigal, ResearchChannel

We are poised at a moment of shifting ground at the edge of a Network age of distributed culture. We have witnessed a reorganization of the social, political, and economic infrastructure of our world around electronic networks. This session will explore how artists and their communities have been transformed by the Network Age. Leading new media curator Steve Dietz and JC Herz, former New York Times writer and author of the seminal book Joystick Nation, will be joined by virtual panelist Ann Doyle, manager of arts and humanities initiatives for Internet2. She will participate in this GIA session via Internet2 from her base in Ann Arbor, Michigan and introduce us to Internet2's work in the performing arts.


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