After September 11

Grantmakers in the Arts and the Future of Our Grantees

Session Designer: Suzanne Sato AT&T Foundation
Panelists: Bill Keens Wolf, Keens & Company; Steve Wolff AMS Planning and Research; Richard Mittenthal, Conservation Company; Ted Berger, New York Foundation for the Arts

This session reflects session-planning in real time with brief presentations
that attempt to capture the latest information-gathering about:

  1. the state of the arts disciplines in the face of the weakening economy and
    current world events since September 11;
  2. the impact of the myriad emergency funds and their accessibility to and impact on the cultural community;
  3. donor initiatives in arts and culture in response to September 11. We hope to focus on the strength of the field as well as its fissures, and to exchange ideas about grantmaker collaborations that have worked in the past that might inform our actions in the coming months. Both in open discussion and smaller groups, we hope to brainstorm about ways that GIA members might make a difference individually and if possible, collectively in ensuring the health of our constituents.


   After September 11 (535Kb)