Joyce Foundation Announces 2014 Joyce Award Winners

The Joyce Awards recognize artists of color who collaborate with nonprofit institutions by awarding them $50,000 to commission thought-provoking works of art, which aim to strengthen cross-cultural understanding by bringing diverse audiences together. The 2014 Joyce Award winners are Camille A. Brown, Jessie Montgomery, Lynn Nottage, and Tracey Scott Wilson. Read more about the winners and the award program here.

New Research on the Diversity of Cultural Organization Boards

A new paper, Diversity on Cultural Boards: Implications for Organizational Value and Impact, by Francie Ostrower, is available on th NEA website.

Year of the Rural Arts

The Year of the Rural Arts is a biennial program of events, conversations, and online features celebrating the diverse, vital ways in which rural arts and culture contribute to American life. This inaugural effort will connect citizens, artists, scholars, designers, and entrepreneurs and meet with audiences on the grounds of universities, museums and galleries, cultural organizations, and across rural and urban communities.

Lost in the Gallery-Industrial Complex

From Holland Cotter, writing for the New York Times:

Money — the grotesque amounts spent, the inequitable distribution — has dominated talk about art in the 21st century so far. It’s a basic fact of art history. Emperors, popes and robber barons set the model for the billionaire buyers of today. Of course, it is today that matters to the thousands of artists who live and work in this punitively expensive city, where the art industry is often confused with the art world.
The Bottom Line on Film Tax Credits

How effective are the tax incentives for film and TV productions in generating jobs and/or revenue? That depends on who you ask. Or who funds the research you’re looking at.  An insightful look at all this in a piece posted on Createquity, written by John Carnwath.

A New Report on Artist-Endowed Foundations

Prepared for artists and their family members interested in the topic of artist-endowed foundations, Reading Guide to the Study Report for Artists and Their Family Members is a guide to The Artist as Philanthropist: Strengthening the Next Generation of Artist-Endowed Foundations, the two-volume Study Report produced by the Aspen Institute National Study of Artist-Endowed Foundations.

Karen Hanan to Lead Washington State Arts Commission

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee has appointed Karen Hanan as Executive Director of the Washington State Arts Commission, effective March 1, 2014. Hanan is a long-time colleague of ArtsWA. Since 2000, she has served as Executive Director of Arts Northwest, the non-profit, regional performing arts service organization that provides a communications network among presenters of performing arts events throughout the Northwestern US and Canada. In her tenure at Arts Northwest, she has overseen the doubling of the organization's membership and budget.

2014 State of the Sector Survey Now Open

Nonprofit Finance Fund has announced that the 2014 State of the Sector Survey is now open. The anonymous survey takes 10-15 minutes to complete and asks about your organization's recent financial and management challenges. It's an important tool for field knowledge. The survey data, and its analysis, is shared with funders, government officials, nonprofits, media, lending institutions, and many others. GIA uses the analysis as part of the Capitalization project. Learn more and take the 2014 survey here.

Labor Dispute at Minnesota Orchestra Settled

Graydon Royce writes for the StarTribune:

A bitter lockout that silenced one of the country’s top orchestras for more than 15 months ended Tuesday when musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra approved a contract that will bring them back to the stage in early February.
Net Neutrality Receives a Setback

It isn't over, but this ruling in favor of telecoms could change the internet. Here are some reports:

The Guardian


New York Times