Eight Steps to Actual Actual Innovation in Arts Funding

From Adrienne Mackey, writing for HowlRound:

Actually actually is a manifestation of our actions in the most literal and concrete sense. It strips them of their highfalutin’ intentions and gets down to the nitty-gritty of their real intents and their actual (actual) effects. It shows that our motives are often more complex and human than their purest descriptions. Sometimes I wish I could ask arts funders to tell me what they actually actually want.
Milwaukee-Area Arts, Cultural Programs Face Donation Challenge

By Marion Renault of the Journal Sentinel:

Since philanthropic foundations reduced sizes of gifts to Milwaukee area nonprofit groups during the Great Recession, most donations have fully rebounded — except grants to arts and cultural programs. Those programs remain 50% behind the pre-recession pace of grant revenue, while a new Public Policy Forum study shows that funding for arts and cultural groups is now vulnerable to a new threat: changes in foundation priorities.
New from the Reader: Building Equity and Inclusion by Assessing Demographic Data

Building Equity and Inclusion by Assessing Demographic Data: Two Case Studies looks into work being done by the Leeway Foundation and the Kentucky Foundation for Women for equitable grantmaking. Denise Brown and Judi Jennings represent their respective organizations in authoring the article.

Denver Grant Maker Narrows Focus to the Arts — Just the Arts

From Alex Daniels, writing for The Chronicle of Philanthropy:

Workers at the Women’s Bean Project will still pack and ship soups, and cancer researchers at the Eleanor Roosevelt Institute at the University of Denver haven’t ended their quest for medical discoveries. But starting this summer, work at those institutions will continue without the support of the Bonfils-Stanton Foundation. In a change years in the making, the Denver-based foundation recently shifted all of its support to the arts — a move that’s rare, if not unprecedented, for a grant maker with previously broad areas of focus.
State Arts Budget To Increase 20 Percent After Legislature Overrides Governor's Veto

From Greg Cook, WBUR 90.9FM, in Boston:

The budget for the Massachusetts Cultural Council will increase by 20 percent after the state Legislature on Wednesday voted to override Gov. Charlie Baker’s July 17 budget veto that would have level funded the state arts agency. “The House and Senate voted separately to restore $2.37 million to MCC’s budget, overriding the Governor’s earlier veto of the increase. State funding for MCC will be $14.16 million for FY16, up from $11.79 million in FY15. The new fiscal year began July 1,” the state arts agency reports.
Center for Cultural Innovation Names Angie Kim as President and CEO

The Center for Cultural Innovation (CCI) Board of Directors unanimously appointed Angie Kim as President and CEO. Kim transitions to this position having served as the Interim President and CEO since July 2014. Previously, Kim joined the CCI Board in 2009 and was elected Chair in 2010. She served on the Board until 2014 when she stepped down to assume the role of interim president and CEO. She has also previously served on the Board of Directors at Grantmakers in the Arts and is currently a Council Member of American Alliance of Museum’s Center for the Future of Museums and a board member of California Arts Advocates/Californians for the Arts.

New from the Reader: Report on the AEFC Forum by Margaret Hasse

What’s the Big Idea in Arts Education? Advocacy for an Equitable and Just Mission, authored by Margaret Hasse, summarizes the happenings and provides key takeaways from the AEFC Forum Every Child, Every School that was held in May of 2015.

Unrest, Opportunity Drew RAC Head Back to St. Louis

Nancy Fowler of St. Louis Public Radio, writing for The St. Louis American:

When new Regional Arts Commission (RAC) executive director Felicia Shaw, who currently sits on the GIA Board of Directors, realized her job at a San Diego foundation might be eliminated, she wondered what that might mean for her life. “I was thinking about what new direction I wanted to go in,” Shaw said. “And then, Ferguson happened.”
D5 Celebrates the 25th Anniversary of ADA Law

Over the past few months, D5 has joined other champions of diversity, equity, and inclusion in celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) — landmark legislation that provides access and protections for those with disabilities. D5 felt it was important to mark the occasion as they continue to work for full inclusion of all communities, including ensuring opportunity and access for people with disabilities. Here are a few online posts on the subject.

Member Spotlight on Arts Council New Orleans

For the month of August, GIA's photo banner features work supported by Arts Council New Orleans. Founded 40 years ago to support the arts and cultural community of New Orleans, Arts Council New Orleans is the region's largest funder for the arts. In 2015, it distributed over $900,000 to southern Lousiana's arts and arts organizations.