Bright Spots Leadership in the Pacific Northwest

February 2012
Helicon Collabortative and The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation

Time and Money: Using Federal Data to Measure the Value of Performing Arts Activities

April 2011
National Endowment for the Arts
A new research note that looks at the value of the arts in three ways: time spent on arts activities, organizational revenue and expenses, and direct consumer spending.

The Art Of Participation: Shared Lessons In Audience Engagement

November 2010
Patricia Harris Dixon
In 2006, Boston became one of the first two cities selected for the Wallace Foundation’s Excellence Awards initiative. Thus began a four-year collaboration among the Wallace Foundation, the Boston Foundation, and the Massachusetts Cultural Council to increase public participation in the arts.

Age and arts participation: A case against demographic destiny

February 2011
Mark J. Stern
Mark Stern, University of Pennsylvania, analyzes the relationship between age and arts participation in the Survey of Public Participation in the Arts data for 1982, 1992, 2002, and 2008. The report concludes that age and year of birth are poor predictors of arts participation and that the age distribution of art-goers now generally mirrors that of the U.S. adult population. February 2011. 88 pp.

Arts education in America: What the declines mean for arts participation

February 2011
Nick Rabkin, E.C. Hedberg
This report, commissioned from the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago, investigates the relationship between arts education and arts participation, based on data from the Survey of Public Participation in the Arts for 1982, 1992, 2002, and 2008. The report also examines long-term declines in Americans’ reported rates of arts learning—in creative writing, music, and the visual arts, among other disciplines. Authors Nick Rabkin and E.C. Hedberg find that the declines are not distributed evenly across all racial and ethnic groups. February 2011. 56 pp.

Beyond Attendance: A Multi-Modal Understanding of Arts Participation

February 2011
Jennifer L. Novak-Leonard, Alan S. Brown
Report authors Jennifer Novak-Leonard and Alan Brown of WolfBrown explore patterns of arts engagement across three modes: arts creation or performance, arts engagement through media, and attendance at arts activities. The report highlights the overlap in participation across modes, and examines factors that drive participation within and between modes. February 2011. 104 pp.

Fearless Journeys: Innovation in Five American Orchestras

May 2010
Lela Tepavac, Ph.D. Edited by Catherine Marciariello
Fearless Journeys is a first-of-its-kind case study about innovation in orchestras. The five stories featured in the book are only a few examples of how the orchestra field is testing important new approaches to administrative/artistic organization, community partnerships, and artistic initiatives. The Conclusion focuses on the factors that have enabled innovation in all five orchestras in the study. This is critical knowledge that orchestras can use. As important, the book serves as hard evidence that, even in these challenging times, the field is taking risks and discovering ways to become increasingly resilient.