Investing in the Culture of Communities

February 2010
Ben Cameron, Program Director of Arts Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
Speech delivered at the Council on Foundations Family Foundation Conference February 2, 2010, San Diego

Arts & Education at the 2008 GIA Conference in Atlanta

October 2008
reports by arts education consultant Jeanne Butler
Published in: 2008 Conference Proceedings

Glossary of Arts and Education Terms


Every field develops a language of its own which is generally understood by those immersed in that field. In the last twenty years Arts Education has in fact become a field and as such has a vocabulary all its own. This is not to say that those deeply involved in arts education all speak the same language—there are variations and nuances to the terms that can mystify and confound even the most experienced arts educators. But for those who do not have a background in arts education, it can be a veritable Tower of Babel. What is presented here is a basic glossary of terms that are consistently used by educators, artists and researchers and defined as prudently as possible. Hopefully this glossary will provide a comfort level for funders as they pursue opportunities to support arts education.