Jerome Foundation announces expansion of Film and Video Program to include Digital makers



At its March 3, 2014 meeting, the Foundation's Board of Directors approved substantial changes to Jerome's New York City and Minnesota Film and Video Programs. Effective June 15, 2014, the names of the programs will be changed to the Film, Video, and Digital Production Grant Program. Each program will continue to support emerging independent film and video artists who produce experimental, narrative, documentary, and animated work, but will be expanded to support artists who create work using non-traditional hardware such as mobile devices and computers. This provides artists who prefer not to work in traditional film and video formats an opportunity to receive support from the Foundation for their narrative, documentary, animated and experimental projects.

The New York City and Minnesota Film, Video, and Digital Production Grant Programs will consider projects created for exhibition in traditional venues such as theaters, television, or festivals, as well as non-traditional exhibition venues such as projections in public spaces; distribution through smartphones, electronic notebooks and other mobile devices; and virtual environments such as internet sites. It is important to reiterate that these program opportunities continue to apply to four creative genres of work: Narrative, Documentary, Experimental, and Animated production.

The Jerome Foundation currently operates production grant programs for emerging individual film and video artists who reside within five boroughs of New York City and Minnesota. These programs serve independent artists who work in the genres of experimental, narrative, animation, and documentary production. It does not support installation, which is subsidized in other Foundation programs. It also does not support commercial, industrial, informational, or educational work.

For further information about these grants, please visit the Foundation’s website at and look for the New York City or Minnesota Film, Video, and Digital Production Grant Program.