National Capitalization Project

New Conversations on Capitalization and Community Workshop

Defining capitalization as “the resources an organization needs to fulfill its mission over time,” GIA embarked on the National Capitalization Project (NCP) to seek answers to the under-capitalized tendency of the nonprofit arts field. Conversations on Capitalization and Community workshops have been held in 16 cities engaging cultural funders in a dialogue about the financial health of nonprofit art groups in their community and how funders might better support capitalization principles for their grantees. In 2015, GIA created a new workshop that includes two separate half-day sessions: one for funders and one for grantees. The new three-hour companion session for grantees looks at what it means to be a well-capitalized organization achieving financial health and vibrancy within their marketplace.

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Posted on December 12, 2010 by Steve

From her blog, Speaker:

When you go to the Grantmakers in the Arts website you can read two documents there that provide deep background on a conversation GIA members are having about trends in their work and how their grants shape the financial and artistic vitality of the nonprofit cultural sector. The reports posted there are the result of a literature review and then meetings to discuss capitalization in the nonprofit arts sector (and lack thereof).

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Posted on November 8, 2010 by Steve

Janet Brown posts to her blog:

At the GIA annual conference in Chicago, we rolled out the work we’ve done so far on capitalization. Capitalization is defined as financial, human and physical resources that lead to the fulfillment of an organization’s mission. This has been a yearlong journey that started initially as a discussion between national foundations. It quickly became evident that Grantmakers in the Arts had a responsibility to share the research, literature review and thoughtful conversations about the financial stability of the nonprofit arts sector.

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Posted on October 18, 2010 by Steve

From the GIA 2010 Conference blog, Arlene Goldbard reports on the discussion of Capitalization, a focus topic of the conference:

The first plenary session of this Grantmakers in The Arts’ conference focused on the National Capitalization Project, a GIA initiative launched this past January. It was premised on the plain truth that arts organizations are often under-capitalized. A task force of funders and experts studied the literature, agreed on terms, and has just now published a “National Capitalization Project 2010 Summary,” summing up its findings. They are foregrounded in an extensive “Literature Review on Capitalization” issued last spring, (Both documents can be downloaded from this page.)

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Posted on September 5, 2010 by Steve

The inception of the National Capitalization Project was the release of the Capitalization Literature Review and the National Capitalization summary in 2010.

National Capitalization Summary (.pdf, 399 Kb) (2010).
Summary and conclusion of convenings including a “set of common practices” agreed upon by Project participants that could, if implemented by funders, improve the financial stability of the nonprofit arts sector.

Capitalization Literature Review (.pdf, 525 Kb) (2010).
Discussion was informed by a comprehensive literature review on the subject of capitalization compiled by TDC, Boston.