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The Long and Winding Roads in Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles

Tuesday, October 20, 10:00am – 11:30am

Cordoban, Mezzanine Level

Organized and presented by Denise Grande, Director of Arts Education, Los Angeles County Arts Commission; Marinell Rousmaniere, Senior Vice President, EdVestors; and Sydney Sidwell, Associate Director, Ingenuity.

For the last decade, Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles have engaged in efforts to expand and stabilize arts education in their respective school districts. Each city has brought artists, arts partners, funders, and city policy makers together to call for universal access to arts education for all students. Philanthropy has been essential to the progress in each city not only through traditional grantmaking but through philanthropic mechanisms that incentivize and support participation at the school and district level. Participants will learn how each city developed a comprehensive strategy unique to their school district and arts education sector. There will also be opportunity to discuss the different roles philanthropy can play: catalyzing, organizing, sustaining, and at some moments, leading from behind. The panelists will also provide a template of the share components of each city’s initiatives so other funders can begin a diagnostic of what is currently in place in their own city and what they might need to build the conditions for systemic change.