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Call for Sessions: 2023 GIA Conference
Grantmakers in the Arts is currently seeking session proposals for the 2023 GIA Conference, to be held November 5-8 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The GIA Conference is the largest annual convening of arts funders and the most comprehensive opportunity for our colleagues in the field to learn from each other. We greatly value the experience, ideas, and programs that members share with each other and the field at large. GIA members are invited to propose conference sessions on our website.
The deadline to submit is March 24 at 5pm EDT. To learn more and submit your proposals, visit our Call for Sessions page.
FLOW with Darren Walker & Sharnita C. Johnson
In this specially commissioned web series co-produced by Grantmakers in the Arts, FLOW WITH DR. DURELL COOPER, features conversations between Cooper and influential people from the Global Majority leading in the arts philanthropic sector. The overarching question this series investigates is what narratives exist that harm us and how are we intentionally developing strategies to mitigate the harm to foster healing in communities of color? Dr. Cooper invites his guests to take a deep dive into the themes of intersectional justice, equity, solidarity economies, and time machines. Guests in this series include Darren Walker (Ford Foundation), Sharnita C. Johnson (Victoria Foundation), and others.
Watch the episode here.
New York Grantmakers in the Arts January Meeting
Organized as part of the New York Grantmakers in the Arts (NYGIA) programming and in response to member interest, co-chairs Ashley Firestone and Lane Harwell convened an expert panel to discuss an ongoing issue in philanthropy: addressing systemic problems, including the impacts of racism, with targeted programs that are limited in their scope and timeline. Members have framed this conversation as “Rejecting the cliff: a conversation about long-term visioning for justice-forward grantmaking.”
Watch the recording of the meeting here. Passcode: WPy3&jm8
Join us for GIA’s Annual Research on Support for Arts and Culture Part 1
Join us on February 28 at 11am PT/2pm ET for a presentation from National Assembly of State Arts Agencies’ Nakyung Rhee, Ryan Stubbs, and Mohja Rhoads. They will share a summary of key findings and insights into what these findings reveal about the current public sector arts grantmaking environment, as well as an introduction to what we can expect for the new year.
Register for the webinar.
Andres Serrano at the 2022 GIA Conference
On Tuesday, October 11, 2022, GIA presented artist Andres Serrano and his work with an introduction from Rocío Aranda-Alvarado.
Grantmakers in the Arts has expressed in these in-person remarks our views on the content of Andres Serrano’s keynote during the 2022 Annual Conference. We acknowledge that some viewers may find Andres Serrano’s remarks hurtful and harmful. While Grantmakers in the Arts respects Serrano’s artistry, we do not endorse the views or tenor of his keynote remarks.
Grantmakers in the Arts believes that being pro-Black is foundational to being pro-justice. Justice must not be a zero-sum game but must include affirmations of all our humanity. We support culture as the full expression of our humanity. We must lift each other up, hold each other in tenderness, and help each other become better than we were before.
The recording is now available to stream.
Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts
Photo Courtesy: Threewalls | Credit: Sophie Lopez
News from the Field
Claire Riley recapped Flannel and Blade's webinar "Meta, Musk and MAGA," which gathered nearly 200 people involved with nonprofit communications. "...Our session was a response to the massive shake-ups happening in social media," said Claire. "Capitalism is cracking all over the world: people are rising up here and quiet-quitting there. AI and other technology is exploding into a cultural Renaissance, with an ever expanding division of audiences and growth of niche sub-subcultures..."
"Ahead of the 2022–2023 school year, the College Board rolled out a pilot version of its new Advanced Placement (AP) African American Studies course. The class had been in the works for over a decade, and this pilot version is currently offered to students at only 60 high schools across the country," said Elaine Velie for Hyperallergic...
"Just a few days into the 118th Congress, it feels like our nation is trapped in a cycle of vitriol and discord. Thousands of (reported) hate crimes, increases in antisemitism, racist election campaigns and our enduring partisan political divide make the goal of unity under a set of universally supportive values seem farther away than ever," said La June Montgomery Tabron for MSNBC...
From Stitcher: On Aug. 1, 1942, the nation’s recording studios went silent. Musicians were fed up with the new technologies threatening their livelihoods, so they refused to record until they got their fair share. This week, Evan Chung explores one of the most consequential labor actions of the 20th century, and how it coincided with an underground revolution in music led by artists like Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie...

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