2018 GIA Conference
Race, Space, and Place
Oakland, CA  |  October 21–24

Holding Ourselves Accountable

Toward and beyond racial equity

Tuesday, October 23, 10:00am – 11:30am

Oakland Center: Temescal (1000 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94607)

Organized by Eddie Torres, president and CEO, Grantmakers in the Arts; Nadia Elokdah, deputy director and director of programs, Grantmakers in the Arts, Sherylynn Sealy, programs manager, Grantmakers in the Arts.

Moderated by Eddie Torres, president and CEO, Grantmakers in the Arts. Presented by Ana Marie Arilagos, president, Hispanics in Philanthropy; Kerry McCarthy, program director, Arts and Culture, Historic Preservation,The New York Community Trust; Lori Villanova, executive director, Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity

GIA supports the work being undertaken to dismantle the array of social and economic injustices. To focus our efforts and to heighten our effectiveness, we move forward from our assessment that racism is one of the most pressing issues of our time. In this session, funders will examine their own initiatives and determine where they lie on the path to racial equity and beyond by asking critical questions: Am I doing diversity work? Inclusion work? Equity work? Who am I trying to influence? Over what time-horizon? They will then engage in exercises with their peers who are doing similar work focused on effective strategies and how to get to the next level.