2018 GIA Conference
Race, Space, and Place
Oakland, CA  |  October 21–24

Hats On, Hats Off

A creative approach to capitalization and capacity building

Tuesday, October 23, 10:00am – 11:30am

Oakland Center: Fruitvale (1000 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94607)

Organized by Anna Campbell, senior program officer, Howard Gilman Foundation; and Samantha Ender, vice president, program officer, J. P. Morgan.

Moderated by Anna Campbell, senior program officer, Howard Gilman Foundation. Presented by Samantha Ender, vice president, program officer, J. P. Morgan; Gus Schulenburg, director of Communications and Community Engagement, Theatre Communications Group; Cheryl Anhava, program officer, Cultural Investments, Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone; Roman Vann Jackson, program officer, JP Morgan; and Ed Harsh, president and CEO, New Music USA.

Hats On, Hats Off is an interactive workshop session using fictional case studies to explore capitalization and capacity building. The session will help funders answer some key questions on these complicated topics: Where do capitalization and capacity building intersect? When should we support one, both, or neither? Which comes first? How can funders work together to strengthen organizations? Using collaborative problem solving, participants will share best practices and test out creative solutions to some of the most pressing challenges non-profit organizations face on their journey to sustainability. Participants will be asked to investigate two case study cultural organizations – first with “hats off” (without the restrictions of a particular funding program or priority) and then with “hats on” (within the context of existing funder parameters). This approach will allow participants to discuss their individual views on capitalization and capacity building, as well as the potential synergies among funders’ varied approaches to addressing these issues. With prompts by facilitators at each table and opportunities to question each organization’s (fictional) development director, participants will have an opportunity for hands-on learning and peer exchange on this compelling, and complex, grantmaking strategy.