2018 GIA Conference
Race, Space, and Place
Oakland, CA  |  October 21–24

Media Artists as Storytellers for Social Change

Monday, October 22, 2:00pm – 3:15pm

Flight Deck: Theater (1540 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612)

Organized by David Haas, vice chair, Wyncote Foundation; and Sarah Lutman, principal, 8 Bridges Workshop.

Moderated by Sarah Lutman, principal, 8 Bridges Workshop. Presented by Ashara E. Ekundayo, co-founder, Impact Hub Oakland; Chris Johnson, photographer, teacher, and author, Question Bridge: Black Males in America; and Mayowa Aina, editor, producer, storyteller.

Media artists increasingly engage the public’s attention with creative and compelling stories that are opening new civic connections and spurring social change. These artists are illuminating hidden histories, bearing witness to untold stories, and using the power of imagery to create new narratives that allow communities that are otherwise disconnected to engage with each other and be heard. With Americans spending an average of 11 hours a day on “screen time” consuming media, it has never been more important to support artists as they create innovative and challenging approaches to storytelling, utilizing today’s media tools and platforms. Our panelists are accomplished media artists, each working on a different front and using different approaches. They will share recent projects, describe their alliances with advocates, and discuss the impact that media can have in capturing and amplifying the human stories at the heart of our diverse society. Dialogue around media skews toward the negative: misinformation, fake news, hacking and security breaches, Russian bots, and electronic surveillance. This session will offer a fundamental alternative: a presentation and discussion of the exciting potential of media to serve civil society, enrich lives, and strengthen local communities.