2016 GIA Conference
Saint Paul, MN   October 16–19
A Confluence of People, Cultures, and Ideas

The Enrich Switch

Breaking Down the Racial Equity Arts Movement

Monday, October 17, 10:00am – 11:30am

Governors IV

Organized and moderated by Angelique Power, President, The Field Foundation.

Presented by Sandra Aponte, Program Officer, The Chicago Community Trust; and Christopher Audain, Program Officer, Alphawood Foundation.

We have all heard the words “racial equity” at this point, but what does that actually mean for a foundation, its funding, and its practices, and for nonprofit arts leaders? In this session, three funders share information from the front lines in Chicago, where Enrich Chicago, a nonprofit-led movement focused on combating systemic racism in the arts, is underway. Participants will hear how funders are finding their way in, facing breakdown moments, gaining insights, and trying to change the city in measurable and remarkable ways. Following the presentation, participants will divide into three groups to learn from other efforts happening and to create action plans for kicking off or continuing this movement in their hometowns.