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Leading the Charge: Theatre Communications Group’s Diversity & Inclusion Institute

Tuesday, October 14, 9:50am – 10:50am


Organized by Kevin Bitterman, Associate Director, Artistic & International Programs, Theatre Communications Group.

Moderated by Dafina McMillan, Director of Communications & Conferences, Theatre Communications Group. Presented by Carmen Morgan, Program Director of Leadership Development, Intergroup Relations; and Michael Robertson, Managing Director, Lark Play Development Center.

TCG’s multi-year Diversity & Inclusion Initiative, including the Diversity & Inclusion Institute, has made significant impact on its national cohort of theatres as well as the field at large. We will share how the Institute’s resources and skills-building tools have impacted the theatres’ organizational cultures as well as our own personal developments. We will investigate how structures and social processes are shaped by the intersection of gender, race/ethnicity, religion/spirituality, class, ability, age, sexual orientation, and nation of origin and discuss a more complex and nuanced approach to understanding identity, privilege, oppression, and areas of difference. Finally we will highlight how to navigate conversations around diversity, inclusion, and inclusion, by engaging in an interactive group exercise that will empower the group to become social change leaders and allies to equalize power among us.