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Art and Tech: Bending New Technologies to Native Traditions

Monday, October 13, 11:10am – 12:40pm


Organized by Wendy Red Star, Program Associate, Native Arts & Cultures Foundation; and T. Lulani Arquette, President & CEO, Native Arts & Cultures Foundation.

Moderated by Wendy Red Star, Program Associate, Native Arts & Cultures Foundation. Presented by Raven Chacon, Composer and Artist, Postcommodity; Rose Simpson, Multi-Media Artist; and Kealoha Wong, Poet.

Contemporary Native artists have always been experimental. Tradition is a vital piece of cultural continuums but culture too is fluid; exploration, adaptation, borrowing, and necessity are as embedded within Native “arts” practice as a millennium of practical convention. Native peoples are not trapped in amber. In terms of contemporary practice, Native artists are investigating the intersections between art and science; between creation stories and the big bang; between ceremony and video games. We will explore these overlapping relationships and juxtapositions in conversation with three brilliant Native artists who are embracing new modes of production and expression, presenting a platform for conversation, acting as provocateurs (also a Native tradition) in redefining Native narrative and just having fun.