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Cultural Kitchens: Nurturing Creative Practice

Monday, October 7, 11:10am – 12:40pm

Regency C-2, Second Floor Mezzanine

Organized and moderated by Mary-Kim Arnold, Grants Program Officer, Rhode Island Foundation.

Presented by Maria Rosario Jackson, Senior Advisor, Arts, The Kresge Foundation, and Jason Yoon, Director of Education, Queens Museum, New York City Building.

Using Maria Rosario Jackson’s concept of “cultural kitchens” (spaces and organizations that allow for cultural self-determination) as a catalyzing idea, we will discuss how best to allow artists and community members, particularly in marginalized communities, to share their talents, and to explore their senses of themselves, their histories and heritage, and the traditions they bear. Discussion will be key and presenters will provide context by sharing stories and case studies. Participants will be invited to reflect on their own creative practices through creative responses—choosing to write, sing, dance, or otherwise practice their responses in the company of their fellow arts professionals. We will allow time to discuss the ways in which our collective creative expression required a level of personal risk, as well as a sense of safety and connectivity. This debriefing will then transition into a broader exploration of the ideas and frameworks we can bring to our organizations that would best nurture such environments and strategies.