From Art to Action

Tuesday, October 20, 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Organized by Betsy Rosenbluth, northeast director of projects, Orton Family Foundation.

Facilitated by William Roper, president, Orton Family Foundation. Presented by Michele Bailey, program director, Vermont Arts Council; Matthew Perry, artistic director, Vermont Arts Exchange

This session will introduce two ground breaking projects in Vermont, “Art and Soul” and “Art of Action”, where in both, artists have been integrated into public dialogue and community planning efforts. The Vermont projects have been undertaken through partnerships between philanthropist Lyman Orton and the Orton Family Foundation, The Vermont Arts Council, Americans for the Arts, non-arts organizations and artists. They demonstrate how artists can engage citizens more broadly and deeply in reflection, dialogue and action around issues of local and statewide significance, and how art and the art making process can implement change, stimulate thought and engage communities at all levels of the decision process.

Participants in the session will get involved in a project designed specifically for this conference utilizing a variety of media, art making and storytelling. Through the creative process they will strive towards the goal of engaging our GIA community in raising issues and challenges, and employing the arts to find new solutions.

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