The Art of Change: How and Why Advocacy is part of Effective Arts Philanthropy

Tuesday, October 20, 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Organized by Janet Brown, executive director, Grantmakers in the Arts; Bob Lynch, president and CEO, Americans for the Arts.

Presented by Janet Brown and Bob Lynch and guests.

Does philanthropy have a role in advocacy? In the powerful environment, education, health and social justice sectors, the answer is yes. These funders have learned they can make an impact by taking an active role in government-related decisions that shape social programs and influence the lives of people. Yet too often, arts funders have been reluctant to use the tools and levers they have to bring about change. The current economy and its long-term effects demands a rethinking of how private arts funders and their nonprofit partners can work together to help shape public policy for the arts and address issues on a systemic level.

This session will highlight surprising case studies, and discuss practical techniques for participating in or supporting arts advocacy. Learn how foundations are supporting public policy and issue based initiatives to bring about change. Engage in dialogue on how these proven strategies can be leveraged on behalf of the arts locally and in the national arena.