Public Private Partnerships: Stimulus in the Making… The Empowerment Zone

Monday, October 19, 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Organized by William Aguado, president, Bronx Council on the Arts.

Presented by Sandra Garcia Betancourt, executive director, North Manhattan Arts Alliance; Alvan Colon Lespier, project manager, Pregones Theater; Ellen Pollan, director, South Bronx Cultural Corridor, Bronx Council on the Arts; Michael Unthank, executive director, Harlem Arts Alliance.

The Public Private Partnership session will explore the role of the Empowerment Zone—a designated geographical area earnmarked for economic development through a joint venture of city, state and federal resources. In New York City the Empowerment Zone is managed via Manhattan by the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone and in The Bronx by the Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation–Empowerment Zone. The session will stimulate the arts as a partner in local revitalization efforts while supporting key cultural intermediaries.

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