Collective Impact and the Arts: A Dispatch from Cincinnati

Tuesday, October 16, 9:30am – 11:00am

Key Biscayne A

Organized by Ian David Moss, research director, Fractured Atlas; Victor Kuo, senior consultant, FSG; Mary McCullough-Hudson, president & CEO, ArtsWave.

Two years ago, Cincinnati’s 84-year-old Fine Arts Fund transformed its name, mission, and grantmaking goals in response to new research findings on public perceptions of the arts. Meanwhile, a now-famous article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review argued that cross-sector coordination, or “collective impact,” is better suited to large-scale social change than isolated interventions. Now, ArtsWave (as Fine Arts Fund is now known) has been invited to help develop a collective impact model for the Greater Cincinnati region along with funders representing education, human services, health, and other sectors. Presenters will share Cincinnati’s story and discuss how the arts can be integrated into broader strategic conversations that have buy-in from the entire community.