Arts Infusion Initiative: A Catalytic Approach to Restoring the Peace for Chicago’ s Youth

Monday, October 18, 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Organized by Suzanne Connor, senior program officer, The Chicago Community Trust.

Presented by Beth Ford, deputy director of community policy, Chicago Police Department; Maude Hickey, professor of music, Henry & Leigh Bienen School of Music; Christopher Mallette, director, Community Safety Initiatives, Mayor's Office, City of Chicago; Marva Whaley-Anobah, principal, Nancy B. Jefferson Alternative School—Cook County Juvenile Detention Center, Chicago Public Schools.

Challenging and engaging arts instruction can change the way high school teens see the world and their place in it. The Arts Infusion Initiative is a collaboration between Chicago's juvenile justice professionals and a dedicated cohort of teaching artists. It offers strategically designed arts instruction infused with communication and conflict resolution skills, all provided by role models of positive life choices. This session will feature unlikely collaborators that have joined forces in a catalytic approach to change the belief in violence as an inevitable outcome to the peaceful pursuit of a happy future.