Making a Big Difference with Small Grants: Lessons from the South

Wednesday, October 21, 8:30 am – 10:00 am

Organized by Judi Jennings, executive director, Kentucky Foundation for Women.

Moderated by Keryl McCord, theatre artist & director of resource development, Alternate ROOTS. Presented by Carlton Turner, director, Alternate ROOTS; Gwylene Gallimard, visual artist, Alternate ROOTS; Nickole Brown, writer and recipient of 2009 NEA Creative Writing Fellowship.

In urban and rural areas across the US South, artists draw on community networks and local resources to achieve a big impact with small amounts of funding. This panel provides three powerful case studies of artists who used small grants to create an international visual arts project, produce an arts festival which attracted more than 700 participants, and develop a writing portfolio that garnered a National Endowment for the Arts individual award. This session offers new perspectives on the work of progressive artists in the US South and provides opportunities for grantmakers from all localities to consider the impact of small grants on individuals and communities.