Cultural Collisions

Tuesday, October 20, 9:30 am – 11:00 am

Organized by Tricia Mire, managing director, Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC).

Moderated by Dr. Kay Turner, director, BAC Folk Arts and Professor of Performance Studies at NYU. Presented by Jonah Bokaer, founding director, Chez Bushwick; Andreia Davies, Immigrant Artist Project Coordinator, New York Foundation for the Arts; Richard Santiago, dance artist (breaking and uprocking); Rita Silva, dance artist (traditional Brazilian); Baraka de Soleil, performance artist/choreographer/curator.

Immigration is changing the face of urban and rural communities across the U.S. While grantmakers have focused resources on celebrating multiculturalism and diversity, supported projects have often been framed in terms of ethnicity, genre and nationality. In some ways, this has ironically created greater isolation between artists and audiences of different cultures and styles. This session will show the artistic possibilities of bridging the traditional and contemporary in fresh new ways. This session is moderated by Dr. Kay Turner, Director of BAC Folk Arts and Professor of Performance Studies at NYU, who will engage Jonah Bokaer, choreographer, media artist and Founding Director of Chez Bushwick, and Andreia Davies of NYFA’s Immigrant Artist Project, in a lively conversation about these cultural collisions. Traditional and contemporary dancers Richard “Break Easy” Santiago, Rita Silva, and Baraka de Soleil will also participate in the discussion, and through brief, live performances, demonstrate the need for new ways to think about and present immigrant and folk artists throughout the country.

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