Creative Stimulus and Community Recovery: A Cross-sector Roundtable

Tuesday, October 20, 9:30 am – 11:00 am

Organized by Roberta Uno, program officer for media, arts and culture, Ford Foundation; Michelle Coffey, senior philanthropic advisor, Lambent Foundation; Caron Atlas, independant consultant.

Presented by Biko Baker, executive director, League of Young Voters; Milly Hawk Daniel, vice president for communications, PolicyLink; Patricia Jerido, program officer, OSI’s Democracy and Power Fund; Irma Montonya, executive director, Mujer Obrera; Lori Pourier, First People’s Fund; Jawole Willa Jo Zollar, Urban Bush Women.

This session expands and reframes the conversation about community recovery, economic stimulus and national service—in order to place the arts, culture, and media within a greater vision for equitable, democratic and culturally vital communities. Recognizing that some of the most creative strategies happen at the intersections between sectors, disciplines, cultures and generations, it brings together funders and practitioners in the arts as well as in other sectors such as sustainable development, human rights, and civic participation. It will create a space where participants can feel free to draw both on their areas of experience and to stretch beyond the conventions of their practice to reconsider assumptions, barriers, and opportunities.

This session builds on the momentum of two prior conversations: the White House Briefing on Art, Community, Social Justice, National Recovery, and a cross sector roundtable organized by the Pratt Center for Community Development. In this powerful moment in history we will explore how we can move from reaction to proposition.