Art, Philanthropy and Social Change

Monday, October 13, 3:30 pm – 5:45 pm
Cottonwood A, M1/Street Level

Organized and presented by John Bare, vice president, The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation

This interactive session will stimulate discussion and enable participants to harvest examples illustrating how art and philanthropy have (or have not) played a role in recent social change movements, including movements related to civil rights, the environment, women’s rights and global development. The results will inform arts grantmaking going forward, as leaders look for ways to move the field beyond the relatively narrow, short-term metrics that are increasingly used to judge success—and instead focus on ways arts philanthropy can add greater value for society, particularly as part of larger social change movements. This is especially important in today’s philanthropic environment, where social entrepreneurship is on the rise. The session organizer will produce a report from the session to share with GIA membership.

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