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The President’s Blog: Supporting Intersectionality Through Public Policies
In his most recent President's Blog, Eddie Torres advocates for policies that increase the amount of assets that people with disabilities can hold while remaining eligible for public benefits. Read the full blog here.
A Year Wrapped: Unpacking White Supremacy in Arts Funding with Justin Laing
Unpacking White Supremacy Video on YouTube
The Support for individual Artist Committee Hive Call attendees spent the year brainstorming and discussing ways that white supremacy emerges in arts funding and considering solutions. At the cohorts last meeting, they were joined by Justin Laing, principal, Hillombo LLC, who led a facilitated discussion around how the cohort can continue this work forward. Watch the video here.
Join us for the Disability Justice for Individual Artists: Cap, SNAP, Solution Webinar
Tuesday, May 31 at 11am PDT | 2pm EDT

Join us on Tuesday, May 31 for a continued conversation about disability justice and arts funding. We’ll be joined by Revecca Torres (BACKBONES), Laura Poppiti (Center for Cultural Innovation), and Alex Nock (Penn Hill Group) who will build on the conversation from our 2021 webinar on disability justice, which offered discussion on best practices when funding and supporting artists with disabilities. As the sector continues to develop and pivot towards transformational change, we were reminded that our work must be “guided by those most impacted by systems of oppression.” But we know that change can only be as transformational as policy and federal law will allow. Learn more and register here.
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News from the Field
What We’re Reading: A New Effort Aims to Help Foundations Better Fund Black-Led Nonprofits
“A new effort to help grant makers change the way they work so they can better support Black-led nonprofits was announced today. Abundance is a collaboration between three Chicago-area grant makers, Chicago Beyond, the Grand Victoria Foundation, and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation”…
ICYMI: How Artists Can Lead a Pandemic Recovery
“Change is an act of creation, and that’s what artists do: Through a process of imagining, trying and building, artists create experiences that connect us to our own agency and power,” said author Laura Zabel who serves as the executive director of Springboard for the Arts. “We are in a moment when we urgently need these artists, culture bearers and creative workers who can help us envision and build a future of justice, health and wholeness”…
What We’re Reading: Beyond ‘X Number Served’
“The right way to expand a nonprofit’s impact is to build programs on three pillars: breadth, depth, and durability. Scaling means advancing all three of these dimensions simultaneously. And while the specific metrics an organization uses will vary, some version of each of those elements must be measured and advanced together to stay on track,” said author Mona Mourshed…

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