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Webinar Today! “From Appalachia to Alaska: Supporting rural communities and individual artists”
While rural communities have common assets and challenges, not all rural communities are the same. Join us today to hear from Enzina Marrari and Roy Agloinga (Rasmuson Foundation), Stephanie Hyre (Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation), and Thomas Watson (Rural Support Partners). They will share what makes their communities and support unique, and what funders should keep in mind when supporting rural communities and individual artists in these communities.

Details and registration here.
Revisit GIA’s Arts and Recovery Twitter Chat
If you missed GIA’s Twitter Chat on arts and recovery, you can revisit the rich conversation we had with presenters Agnes Crespo (Fundación Comunitaria de Puerto Rico); Erika Dickerson-Despenza (Blk feminist poet-playwright & 2020 Grist 50 Fixer); Kristy Drutman (Brown Girl Green); Eva Rosenberg (The Boston Foundation); and Grace Sato (Candid). We hope this archive inspires you to bring some of this chat back to the field. Read here.
Webinar Alert: “What’s the Forecast for Arts Education?”
The impact of the pandemic leaves us no choice but to shift at alarming rates, and we are glad to have artists and other funders in the field share their findings and suggestions as we navigate this challenging time. Join us on August 18 to hear from Kimberly Olsen (NYC Arts in Education Roundtable) and Alex Nock (Penn Hill Group) as they discuss federal funding changes, how funders can respond, and what teaching artists are doing to assimilate into this new reality.

Details and registration here.
September Webinar Alert: “Responding to Movements: Narrative change and policy”
Narrative drives policy. When we think about the ways philanthropy has and continues to play a big role is this process of perpetuating, shifting, debunking, or changing narratives, it is important to turn to those who work relentlessly and consistently as examples of how the field can look in the present and future. In our upcoming webinar, GIA is glad to have Holly Bartling (General Service Foundation) and Julia Beatty (Borealis Philanthropy) joining us on Tuesday, September 15, 2pm EDT/11am PDT to discuss their journeys into this work and how they are shifting narratives and legislation in a bold way. Details and registration here.
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News from the Field
New Arts Education Data Tools and Resources
The National Endowment for the Arts and Education Commission of the States released a group of resources as part of an initiative to help stakeholders in the arts extract, analyze, and report on data about arts education…
Black August: How cultural grantmakers can reflect, learn, and connect with Black social justice
Black August, born out of Black liberation, resistance, and justice movements, is a month dedicated to critical learning and analysis, reflection and study of our roles in oppressive or liberatory systems, and an opportunity to grow, connect, and prepare for the challenging work ahead…
Systems-Change, Equity, and the Role of Philanthropy-Serving Organizations
I’m writing to share some thoughts on United Philanthropy Forum’s excellent 2020 Forum Virtual Conference, which brings together Philanthropy Serving Organizations to share examples of how we’re working to support, strengthen, and lead the grantmaking community…
The Importance of Rest and Compassionate Labor
In a blog entry from Bhumi B. Patel, a member of the Dancing Around Race cohort in the San Francisco Bay Area, she makes the case for intentional rest to refocus the work that needs to be done in this moment in which there’s an “opportunity to change the trajectory of a system built and fostered by structures of white supremacy”…

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