From Crisis to Opportunity: Learning from One Region's Response to the Economic Downturn

November 2010
Rebecca Graves, Fay Hanleybrown, Veronica Borgonovi
Now that a year has past since the bottom of the economic crisis, funders have an opportunity to look back at their initial response and determine how they can incorporate some of the adjustments they have made in their ongoing work.

Working with Government: Guidance for Grantmakers

July 2010
Anne Mackinnon and Cynthia Gibson

After The Flood: Some “Out Of The Box” Options For Foundations

June 2010
Steven E. Mayer, Ph.D., Director Effective Communities, LLC
“After the Flood,” written in the days after Katrina struck, conveys important messages still relevant to philanthropy in the wake of the Gulf oil leak. Especially timely is the call to include regional and local community groups, activist networks, and civic associations—the muscle, minds, and spirit of the Gulf Coast—in the action and service needed now to stem the oil tide, from clean-up to short- and long-term policy development.

Working with Grantees: The Keys to Success and Five Program Officers Who Exemplify Them

May 2010
Ellie Buteau, Phil Buchanan, Timothy Chu
Successful foundation-grantee relationships hinge on the prowess of individual program officers, whose abilities may vary widely within a single foundation. This research explores what grantees value in their relationships with program officers and identifies four keys to success. Five high-performing program officers share their stories.

Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice: A Guide For Charities and Foundations

March 2010
Panel on the Nonprofit Sector, convened by Independent Sector