2017 GIA Conference
Detroit, MI   October 28–31
Legacy and Leadership

Teaching Artistry: From Fragmentation to Unity

Monday, October 30, 10:00am – 11:30am


Organized by Jessica Mele, Program Officer, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

Presented by Glenna Avila, Artistic Director & Wallis Annenberg Director of Youth Programs, California Institute of the Arts Community Arts Partnership; Kai Fierle-Hedrick, independent consultant; and Miko Lee, Executive Director, Youth in Arts.

Regional fragmentation in the teaching artist field can lead to students experiencing inconsistent teaching quality, and artists receiving inconsistent compensation and training. Many models for training teaching artists and for quality assessment exist nationwide, but rarely do proponents of those models work with each other. Teaching Artists Guild is trying to change that by pulling together a cross section of leaders to determine a national model for teaching artist quality. Participants of this session will hear from existing members of this national partnership and will contribute to the ongoing conversation. This session is for arts education funders interested in getting beyond pockets of excellence and getting real about a national model for teaching artist quality.