Sustainable Arts Foundation Fall 2016 Award Winners

We are delighted to announce our Fall 2016 Award winners.

Earlier this year, we were proud to make public our commitment to racial equity. Confirming a direction we had been heading for over a year, we promised to make at least half of our grants to writers and artists of color. The response to this announcement was tremendous: we received over 3,600 applications, more than three times our average response. Applications from people of color increased from 20% to 41%. We are so glad to have extended the foundation’s reach.

Tthe shock of our recent election has begun to fade, but the racial division that it laid bare looks ugly and deep. So we move forward with even greater resolve to fund the work of creative parents; we need all of you — our families and our children need you — more than ever, both to help us understand our world as it is, and to help us imagine what it can be. And we reaffirm our support for writers and artists of color, in the hope that art will help us make connections that will bridge our nation’s frightening divide.

Please join us in congratulating these outstanding artists and writers.

Fall 2016 Awards ($6,000 each)

Cande Aguilar, Painting
Rose-Anne Clermont, Young Adult Fiction
William Evans, Poetry
Dionne Ford, Nonfiction
Alyse Rosner, Painting

Fall 2016 Promise Awards ($2,000 each)

Natalya Aikens, Fiber Arts and Textiles
Arwen Donahue, Graphic Novel
Chanda Feldman, Poetry
Nahum Flores, Mixed Media
Kathleen Founds, Fiction
Ladee Hubbard, Fiction
Priya Kambli, Photography
Amy Meissner, Mixed Media
Kelly Popoff, Painting
Lisa Robinson, Photography
Christina Soontornvat, Early and Middle Grade Fiction
Rachel Zucker, Poetry

Fall 2016 Finalists

Carolina Ebeid, Poetry
Sarah Gerkensmeyer, Fiction
Miriam Klein Stahl, Illustration
Delita Martin, Mixed Media
Christy Matson, Fiber Arts and Textiles
Katie Munnik, Fiction
Hoa Nguyen, Poetry
Rachel Peachey, Mixed Media
Theresa Pfarr, Painting
Julia Prendergast, Fiction
Sokunthary Svay, Poetry
Rhett Trull, Poetry
Evan Venegas, Painter
Emily Withnall, Nonfiction
Ibi Zoboi, Young Adult Fiction

For more details about our winners, visit our Awardees page.