For the months of November and December, GIA’s photo banner features work and artists supported by Mississippi Arts Commission. Established in 1968, and funded annually by the Mississippi Legislature, the National Endowment for the Arts, and private funds, MAC provides grants, technical assistance, consultation, and networking to artists, arts organizations, and institutions providing arts education throughout the state.

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(9-13-10) Grantmakers in the Arts Board member Ann McQueen recently announced her departure from the Boston Foundation to explore new options in the philanthropic sector.

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(9-13-10) Robert Gard was a leading figure in the development of community arts work in America. His work and writings have been a great inspiration to me. On September 24-25 there is a symposium in Wisconsin honoring his work and looking towards the future. —Janet Brown, GIA Executive Director

Where Is Community Arts Development Headed?
Altering the Face and the Heart of America: The Gard Symposium
September 24-25, 2010
Lowell Center, UW-Madison Campus
Madison, Wisconsin

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(9-10-10) League of American Orchestras Information Brief: September 2010

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(9-9-10) In a blog post for the Chicago Tribune, reporters Mark Caro, Julie Keller, and Greg Kot begin to answer the question: "What happens to the arts now?" The post is an outline of Daley's successes, the lauded and the controversial, and features input from members of the city's arts community who will soon be down "one very powerful arts advocate." Of Daley, the reporters note: "The mayor soon to climb out of that saddle is a prosaic but privately romantic man who prefers artists to aldermen and is willing to publically assert that the story of a city isn't told by politicians, but

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(9-8-10) MetLife Foundation and Theatre Communications Group (TCG) announce the third round of recipients for the A-ha! Program: Think It, Do It, which encourages TCG member theatres to think and act creatively. Six theatres were awarded grants, totaling $225,000, to either research and develop new production ideas or experiment and implement innovative concepts in the theatre field. The total award amount is a 50 percent increase from last year’s total of $150,000.

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(9-8-10) The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) announced today that Michael Killoren will join the NEA as the director of Local Arts Agencies and Challenge America Fast Track. Mr. Killoren will manage NEA's grantmaking for these two programs as well as develop partnerships to advance the local arts agency field as a whole. He will begin his work on October 12, 2010.

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(9-8-10) Chicago-based artist Theaster Gates and Ute Zimmermann of GIA member organization Artadia have completed their meals and, likewise, their stints as GIA guest bloggers. But the table remains set, bottles of wine unopened.

Treating blog posts as meal prep and table talk, Theaster and Ute have crafted an engrossing conversation on the artist-funder relationship.

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(9-8-2010) Although I was flattered and my kids wrote they were proud of me on their Facebook pages (this is the greatest accomplishment for parents these days), I had to smile at the irony of Barry’s Blog about the 2010 most influential nonprofit arts administrators. Most of the top ten folks work for national organizations or have national agendas or constituencies.

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(9-8-10) Death and the Powers, the opera by MIT composer Tod Machover, that was previewed at GIA's 2006 conference in Boston, opens September 25 al l'Opera de Monte Carlo.

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The Nathan Cummings Foundation has named Maurine D. Knighton as Program Director for the foundation's Arts & Culture Program.

For the past 6 years, Ms. Knighton has served as Senior Vice President at the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone where she developed, structured, managed and successfully refined the $40 million Cultural Industry Investment Fund portfolio. She introduced approaches and programs to leverage arts and culture that stimulated local economic revitalization. This appointment is a reflection of our strong commitment to social justice in the arts.

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The Pabst Charitable Foundation has published its September 2010 Newsletter. Articles include a feature on the Orlando Symphony's Zora Neale Hurston Legacy Concert and an interview with Cornell Fine Arts Museum Director Scott Habes.

Download the Newsletter.

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(9-7-10) "Labor Day has come and gone again with all its incongruities. It is a day when we celebrate laborers and the work ethic... by taking a day off. It's a national day of leisure where we heap well-deserved praise on workers, many of them working all around us, many of them right there working to help us enjoy this very national holiday."

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(9-3-10) A proclamation from Gov. Mark Parkinson has paved the way for the second week in September to be recognized as Arts in Education Week in Kansas, the Kansas Arts Commission announced Tuesday.

“Arts Education Week (Sept. 12-18) recognizes the importance of the arts in Kansas schools and in communities,” said John Divine, Chairman of the Kansas Arts Commission.

Read more.

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(9-3-10) Rocco Landesman just returned from a trip to Minneapolis and St. Paul, where he spent two days touring arts spaces and cultural facilities. Earlier this week, he blogged about the experience, highlighting places and projects with progressive business models and tangible community impact. Read his full report here and learn about the work of his several enterprising hosts, including GIA board president Vickie Benson.

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(9-2-10) Rocco Landesman, Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, today announced the 2010 NEA New Play Development Program’s Distinguished New Play grants. Five theaters will each receive a grant of $20,000 to support the early stages of development for a new play with strong potential to merit a full production:

  • About Face Theatre (Chicago, IL)
    for Tanya Saracho’s The Albert Cashier Project
  • Children’s Theatre Company (Minneapolis, MN)
    for Larissa FastHorse’s Fancy Dancer
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(9-1-10) In an opinion piece for USA Today, Abigail Disney, great-niece of Walt, argues for the preservation of the estate tax, citing both financial and social benefits, including this statement on the charitable impulse:

...the estate tax incentivizes people like me to do good with our wealth because there is no estate tax on donations to charity.

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(8-27-10) In yesterday's Guardian, British theater directors Adrian Jackson (Cardboard Citizens) and David Parrish (Creation Theatre) present the pros and cons of Arts Council spending cuts.

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(8-25-10) In honor of CERF+’s first quarter century, an on-line anniversary auction has been launched with 25+ art works donated by long time friends of the organization. Bidding opens today, Wednesday, August 25, 3:00pm, and closes September 25, 10:00pm. Proceeds from the auction will support the programs and services of CERF+.

Visit the online auction here.

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(08-24-10) There is a lot of talk these days about “capacity”… capacity building, capacity funding etc. At a meeting of funders in Seattle that included grantmakers from every sector, everyone was talking about building capacity for nonprofit organizations as part of their funding programs from human services to the arts. It certainly is at the core of effective organizational management. Does the organization have the capacity to implement the project? Is capacity strong in human resources, fund development, operating reserves, program management and technical expertise?

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(8-24-10) On August 16, the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage announced more than $960,000 in project grants from the Philadelphia Theatre Initiative (PTI) to thirteen theater companies, presenters, and independent theater artists. PTI grants, which support innovative theater programming in the Philadelphia area, are awarded annually on a competitive basis through panel selection. On the 2010 selections, PTI director Pam Kumin notes, "This year's PTI grants support a diverse array of imaginative and ambitious projects aimed at varied tastes and ages.

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