Other Publications

Arts education in America: What the declines mean for arts participation

February 2011
Nick Rabkin, E.C. Hedberg
This report, commissioned from the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago, investigates the relationship between arts education and arts participation, based on data from the Survey of Public Participation in the Arts for 1982, 1992, 2002, and 2008. The report also examines long-term declines in Americans’ reported rates of arts learning—in creative writing, music, and the visual arts, among other disciplines. Authors Nick Rabkin and E.C. Hedberg find that the declines are not distributed evenly across all racial and ethnic groups. February 2011. 56 pp.

Beyond Attendance: A Multi-Modal Understanding of Arts Participation

February 2011
Jennifer L. Novak-Leonard, Alan S. Brown
Report authors Jennifer Novak-Leonard and Alan Brown of WolfBrown explore patterns of arts engagement across three modes: arts creation or performance, arts engagement through media, and attendance at arts activities. The report highlights the overlap in participation across modes, and examines factors that drive participation within and between modes. February 2011. 104 pp.

Trend or Tipping Point: Arts & Social Change Grantmaking: A 2010 Report & Resource for Funders

October 2010
Pam Korza and Barbara Schaffer Bacon
Published by Animating Democracy, a program of Americans for the Arts, with support from Nathan Cummings Foundation, Open Society Foundations CrossCurrents Foundation, and Lambent Foundation, October 2010.

The Artist as Philanthropist: Strengthening the Next Generation of Artist-Endowed Foundations: Volume 2 Considerations in Foundation Practice

January 2010
Christine J. Vincent
A study of the emerging artist-endowed foundation field in the United States.

Partnering With Intermediaries

November 2010
Tom David
With the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the author interviewed over 50 foundations working with intermediaries about their success and challenges.

Strategic Philanthropy: Five Approaches for Making a Difference

November 2010
Foundation Source
As guidelines for other philanthropists, this booklet shares steps Foundation Source clients have taken to achieve strategic goals.

Community Foundation Approaches to Effectiveness: Characteristics, Challenges, and Opportunities

November 2010
Francie Ostrower
Study findings indicate that community foundations need to develop and articulate a more specific and realistic definition of effectiveness that is consistent with their mission.