Other Publications

Forum on Arts Education: A Compilation of Entries from Barry's Blog

August 2011
Barry Hessenius, Julie Fry, and various respondents

How Art Spaces Matter II: The Riverside, Tashiro Kaplan and Insights from Five Artspace Case Studies and Four Cities

July 2011
Anne Gadwa and Anna Muessig with contributions from Nathaniel Walton and Rebecca Chan

How Artist Space Matters: Impacts and Insights from Three Case Studies drawn from Artspace Project’s Earliest Developments

March 2010
Anne Gadwa, Metris Arts Consulting, with contributions from Ann Markusen and Nathaniel Walton

Still Kicking: Aging Performing Artists in NYC and LA Metro Areas: Information on Artists IV

June 2011
Joan Jeffri, with contributions from Martin Y. Iguchi and William Penrose