Gathering: Learning and the Arts: Crossing Boundaries

Summer 2000
Vicki Rosenberg, Janet Rodriguez, Nick Rabkin, and Alexandra Christy
Published in: GIA Reader, Vol 11, No 1 (Summer 2000)

Champions of Change: The Impact of the Arts on Learning

Edward B. Fiske, editor
This report identifies how involvement with the arts provides unparalleled opportunities for learning that enables young people to reach for and attain higher levels of achievement. The research provides examples of and evidence why the arts should be more widely recognized for their current and potential contributions to the improvement of U.S. education. The experiences offered to many young people outside of the school environment are often limited in their purpose and resulting impact. They provide recreation, but no sense of creation. They provide recess, but no sense of success. Successful arts learning outside of schools can enhance the sense of accomplishment and well being among young people. Realizing the full potential of learning in and through the arts for all U.S. children requires heroic acts from all segments of society. Involvement with the arts must be a basic part of the learning experiences.