Survey Says: Foundations Cautious, Despite Asset Gains

(3-26-10) On March 21, The Chronicle of Philanthropy released the results of their survey of 80 large private foundations. While this select group is only a small percentage of the nation's grantmakers, The Chronicle estimates that it represents 20% of the foundation world's wealth and can therefore be considered an indicator of major trends in giving.

The survey results, in short:

  • In the last year, foundation assets rose a median 7.4 percent.
Cloud Computing: It's in Your Future

Here's a concise description of cloud computing - get ready for it, it is in your future - by Lucy Bernholz at Philanthropy 2173, along with some insights on its use by nonprofits and funders.

Further Budget Cuts to Arizona Commission on the Arts

(3-24-10) The Arizona arts budget has been reduced by approximately 60% since the start of the state's fiscal crisis, according to Robert Booker, Executive Director of the Arizona Commission on the Arts. The Arizona state budget enacted last week included an additional 25% reduction to the Arts Commission's already reduced resources, as well as a complete sweep of the remaining $10 million in the 14-year old Arizona ArtShare Endowment.

Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs Faces Budget, Staff Reductions

(3-24-10) L.A. Times:

The slashing of Los Angeles' municipal arts offerings is underway, with seven layoffs to take effect April 1 and eight more expected when the fiscal year ends June 30, as City Hall tries to cope with a budget crisis.

...And the City Council may get an earful at its meeting Wednesday from supporters of four neighborhood arts centers

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March 26: Rocco Landesman's Live Webcast on Art Works Tour

(3-24-10) L.A. Times:

"National Endowment for the Arts Chairman Rocco Landesman was in L.A. this month as part of a six-month Art Works tour in which he is trying to see how art works in communities across the country.

World Theater Day Message from Lynn Nottage

(3-23-10) Brought to you by Theater Communications Group, World Theater Day Message from Lynn Nottage.

National Endowment for the Arts Announces Research on Informal Arts Participation in Rural and Urban Areas

(3-23-10) Attendance at performing arts events and art museums is greater in urbanized areas. However, urban and rural residents generally participate in the “informal arts" (activities often unaffiliated with for-profit and nonprofit arts organizations) at similar rates. The NEA Office of Research and Analysis has announced a newly published report.

Come as You Are: Informal Arts Participation in Urban and Rural Communities (.pdf)

Judith Rothschild Foundation in the News

(3-22-10) New York Times:

"Like the abstract painter who created it, the Judith Rothschild Foundation has never had a very high profile in the art world. Ms. Rothschild, who died in 1993, established the foundation in her will and assigned a friend the mission, as trustee, of using her collection of artworks by masters like Matisse and Mondrian to promote underappreciated artists, a category in which she included herself. That friend, Harvey S.

Terry Teachout on PBS Arts Programming

(3-22-10) Wall Street Journal drama critic Terry Teachout does not mince words in his
assessment of the quantity and quality of arts programs on PBS. Of note is his recommendation to diversify arts coverage by incorporating modern, obscure, and smaller format productions into the mix.

Why the Viacom vs. Google Lawsuit Matters to the Arts

(3-22-10) Greg Sandoval/CNET:

"The decision in this case could influence how people share content online in the future and could have serious consequences for the Web as an entertainment platform. Sharing music and video on the Internet was once a free-for-all, but a decision against Google and YouTube is a sign that the taming of the Web is under way."

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